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Vision & Values

Our School Vision Statement


We are a school dedicated to creating an environment where children are able to grow into happy, well-rounded individuals with a love of learning through which they can achieve to the best of their abilities.

We want our pupils to enter the wider world as:

  • Happy, positive individuals
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution
  • Confident, resilient, healthy & life-long learners.


At Yorke Mead children learn and thrive through an enjoyable and exciting curriculum to achieve success together.

At the heart of our school are our 6 core values that underpin everything we strive to achieve together.

Together: Working in partnership with all stakeholders enables better outcomes for all pupils

Our code of conduct is based on three principles:  Be Kind, Be Safe and Be Responsible

How we promote British Values

Anti-Racism Statement


At Yorke Mead we aim to ensure that each child:

  • Develops high self-esteem, confidence and a true feeling of self-worth
  • Develops a lively, enquiring mind and life skills so that he/she will have the ability to experiment, investigate, take risks, challenge, discriminate and make informed choices
  • Is enriched, motivated and challenged by a broad and balanced curriculum and recognises the value of all areas of learning, including literature, the arts and humanities.
  •  Is valued for their individual contributions, recognises their role and develops a positive attitude towards everyone in the life of the school and community.
  • Develops the skills and attitudes necessary to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Will be given equal opportunities to participate in all aspects of school life.
  • Develops an understanding and respect for other races, cultures, gender, people with disabilities, religions and associated points of view.
  • Understands the importance of keeping themselves physically and emotionally healthy
  • Acquires a set of moral values and attitudes including honesty, respect, sincerity, trust and personal responsibility.
  • Appreciates the spiritual nature of life.

Strategic vision – Where do we want the school to be in 3 years’ time?

Our vision is to transform Yorke Mead into an environment where learning is outstanding and where children develop their emotional well-being alongside their academic achievements to enable them to grow into well-rounded individuals.

Through creating a culture of trust and building strong relationships we believe we can develop a climate of ambition that is infectious and which empowers the whole team, including children, to be motivated to achieve their best.

What sets us apart from the rest – The Yorke Mead Way!

Building a culture of trust has enabled staff and children to take ownership for their learning, take risks, step out of their comfort zone, demonstrate passion and shine! It’s non-negotiable that everyone leads by example. This includes children and their voice is extremely important to us.

Our learning behaviours are built around the principles of Philosophy for Children and the four styles of thinking – caring, collaborative, creative and critical.

Through building strong relationships and developing the confidence of staff, Yorke Mead has started on the journey of modelling excellence, where staff are willing to model good practice, facilitate the learning of others, share expertise and coach colleagues to perform at their best.

What is the journey for a child at Yorke Mead?

As children journey through Yorke Mead they will experience:

  • Stability– by providing consistency in our approach to learning, teaching and expectations of behaviour
  • Security & appreciation –by ensuring that supportive relationships across the school are a strength and recognise the unique contribution made by every child and member of staff
  • Active learning – children learn by experiencing and doing, they are immersed in their learning from the moment they enter the classroom and the school grounds. Learning outdoors is as valued as learning inside the classroom.